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FACT SHEET 2001/2002


            St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) is located 10 km south of Mwanza, 3 km off the Mwanza-Shinyanga road.  Business programmes and administrative offices are on the 15-acre campus in Nyegezi.  Journalism courses are located on a 570-acre campus in Malimbe, the former location of MATI, the Government agriculture institute.


            There are 38 full-time faculty and four part-time. Eight have PhDs and seven are on study leave working for their Doctorates or Master’s degrees.


            404 students attend SAUT, of whom 365 are Tanzanians and 39 are from other countries of East Africa and India.  210 students live on the Malimbe campus and  184 on the Nyegezi campus. Ten students reside off campus or commute from town.  Students of all religious backgrounds attend the University.


         St. Augustine University of Tanzania has two Bachelor’s programmes: in Business Administration (BBA) and in Mass Communication (BA in Mass Communication). In addition to Advanced Diplomas in Accountancy and Journalism, SAUT has one-year Certificate programmes in Accountancy, Health Administration, and Journalism and Media Studies.  

 Vision and Mission

         Conscious of man’s orientation toward God and neighbor and fostering an ethical and service-oriented approach in its academic and professional training, St. Augustine University works to prepare persons well equipped to contribute to the ideals of social, political and economic development.  It stresses research into the problems of society.  The University places special emphasis on making quality higher education available to talented students from poor families.


         SAUT has residential facilities for 440 students, two dining halls, two chapels, two libraries,  two computer centers, two canteens, a dispensary, classrooms and faculty offices.  With the help of generous donors, the 100 or so buildings left by MATI on the Malimbe campus will gradually be renovated for use as classrooms, faculty housing, additional hostels, and studios for radio, television, photography, and computer use.

 Radio SAUT 96.1 FM

         The University radio station, from its lofty tower atop Nyegezi Hill, broadcasts to hundreds of villages and towns within a 100km radius.  Its purpose is to extend SAUT’s educational service beyond the campus to countless listeners who would otherwise not benefit from their proximity to the

University.  The station also serves as the radio outlet for the Archdiocese of Mwanza.  Radio SAUT is operated by St. Augustine University students, under supervision of the teaching staff, as a valuable part of their training in journalism and broadcasting.


         SAUT is owned by the Bishops of Tanzania, the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference (TEC), and operates under a 13-person Council made up of religious and lay members.  The 10-member Academic Senate is responsible for approving new academic initiatives.

         While the President of TEC is the Chancellor and the Archbishop of Mwanza is the Pro-Chancellor, the day-to-day running of the University is in the hands of the Vice Chancellor, Fr. Deogratias Rweyongeza.  He is assisted by two Deputy Vice Chancellors and other officials.


         SAUT was established in 1998 on the foundation of the Nyegezi Social Training Institute (NSTI), which was founded in 1960 by the Missionaries of Africa (White Fathers).  NSTI passed into the hands of TEC in 1975, and twenty years later the Bishops decided to convert NSTI into a university.  More than 2,500 students from Tanzania, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia had graduated from NSTI by 1998.


         SAUT received its Letter of Interim Authority from the Tanzanian Higher Education Accreditation Council in 1997, Provisional Registration in 1998,

and the Certificate of Full Registration on 4th May, 2000.  The University was inaugurated at Kawekamo by the Prime Minister with full ceremonies on 27th February, 1999.


            SAUT operates on a tight budget of 564m Tshs per year.  This is used to pay the salaries of lecturers and staff, maintain the campus and its facilities,  provide for students’ needs, transport costs, health needs, and normal expenses.

         Construction of new facilities and renovation of existing buildings depends on grants from individuals and from the business community in Mwanza and elsewhere.

Scholarship Assistance

         Since SAUT is dedicated to the education of competent students even from families of meager resources, the University depends on scholarship funds to give deserving students this opportunity.  Both NSTI and SAUT have been able to provide scholarship assistance with substantial help from Misereor, a German funding agency, and generous grants from the Italian Bishops Conference and the Diocese of St. Pölten in Austria.

 “Friends of the University”

         However, a continuing flow of scholarship funds is needed for students for whom sufficient grants are not available.  These funds are supplied by donors who wish to collaborate in the educational mission of the University.  They are known as “Friends of the University.”

         SAUT is building a Scholarship Endowment Fund of 5 million dollars, from which the annual interest will be used for the education of needy students.  Persons who wish to help build up this fund may contribute at any time, or they may include the “Scholarship Endowment Fund of St. Augustine University of Tanzania” in their wills.

 Besides funds for scholarship help and building renovation, SAUT has the following equipment needs:

·         10kw transmitter for Radio SAUT 96.1 FM

·         On-Line Voltage Regulator for Radio Studio

·         10 Computers for Faculty and Student Use

·         Two Laser Printers for Computer Output

·           1 km heavy duty cable to extend Malimbe generator power to computer center, classrooms, library, and student hostels  

·         Two large water tanks for Malimbe campus

·         Two new pumps and repairs for the Malimbe irrigation system

·         Tractor for farm use

·         Vehicle for transporting sick students

·         Vehicle for Radio SAUT news gathering

·         New SAUT school bus

·         Library and text books

 To Help

         Persons interested in helping St. Augustine University to carry out its mission are invited to contact:

         Fr. Deogratias Rweyongeza         

         Vice Chancellor                                      

         St. Augustine University                

         P.O. Box 307,      Mwanza, Tanzania       

         Tel: 255-028-2550560, 2552725    

         Fax: 255-028-2550167


How to Apply

         Students interested in attending St. Augustine University should write to the

             Admissions Office                   

St. Augustine University of Tanzania

P.O. Box 307



An application form will be sent, along with any information requested.  New classes begin 30th September, 2002.


         Fees include tuition, room and board.  For Tanzanian students, basic fees for the three-year Bachelor’s courses are 1.6m per year; for three-year Advanced Diplomas are 1.3m Tshs per year; and for one-year Certificate courses are 1m Tshs.  For students from other countries, basic fees for the Bachelor’s courses are $4,000 per year, for Advanced Diplomas are $3,500 per year, and for Certificate courses are $3,000. 

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