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P.O. Box 307        Mwanza, Tanzania

Tel: 255-28-2552725, 2550560, 2550166       Fax: 255-28-2550167, 2500575





A new centre of scholarship and learning opened in Mwanza in northcentral Tanzania on 28th August 1998.  St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT) is the successor to the Nyegezi Social Training Institute (NSTI) in Mwanza, whose 2,400 graduates have been at work throughout East and Central Africa since 1960.  St. Augustine University attained full registration from the Higher Education Accreditation Council on 4th May, 2000.


The new University is aptly named after one of the great scholars of Africa and the West, St. Augustine of Hippo in northern Africa (354-430 AD).  Like Augustine himself, this University is dedicated to research and quality teaching, to questing for new knowledge, and applying it to improve the quality of human life within a spirit of faith and ethical values.  St. Augustine University, like the former NSTI, is sponsored by the Tanzanian Episcopal Conference.


The well-known professional courses of NSTI have all been continued at St. Augustine Universityóthe Advanced Diplomas in Accountancy, Journalism, and Materials Management, plus the Certificate programmes in Accountancy and Health Administration.  The University's opening in 1998 featured the start of an attractive new course, the B.A. in Mass Communication.  A second Bachelorís course, the Bachelor of Business Administration, began in August 1999. The Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies started at the same time. 


Among the facilities at SAUT providing practical, on-the-spot experience for Journalism and Mass Communication students are the University's new radio station, Radio SAUT, at FM 96.1, digital and analog production studios, professional audio interview equipment, and the two computer centres, where students use desktop publishing to produce the bi-weekly newspaper, The SAUT Times.


The Bachelor's in Business Administration (BBA) includes specialisations in Accountancy and Finance, Marketing Management, and Human and Material Resources Management.   Within several years, the University plans to follow this with a Masterís in Business Administration (MBA).


During the 2001-2002 academic year, the University intends to start a B.A. in English degree, with concentrations in literature and writing, to be followed later by a degree in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and a Masterís in Mass Communication.  To meet the urgent needs of the Lake Region for well-trained office staff, a Certificate programme in Secretarial Science will be introduced in 2002.  Further degree programmes will follow.


While St. Augustine Universityís main campus is at the Nyegezi/Malimbe site 10km south of Mwanza, constituent colleges will be joined to the University in years to come: The College of Health Science at the Bugando Medical Centre in Mwanza, the College of Education in Moshi, and the Colleges of Law and of Applied Science and Technology in Songea.


The University is on the semester system.  Semester I begins at the start of October. Applicants for admission are encouraged to write to the Director of Admissions at the above address.


The academic community at St. Augustine University continues to welcome educators and scholars dedicated to teaching and advancing their fields through competent research.  Persons interested in collaborating in this enterprise are invited to write the Vice-Chancellor, Fr. D. Rweyongeza (P.O. Box 307, Mwanza) or contact him by phone (255-28-2552725, 2550560), or fax (255-28-2550167, 2500575).



Summary of the Curriculum

at St. Augustine University of Tanzania


Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication


            A three-year course emphasising a broad academic approach to media studies and how the media function in society.  Besides learning and specialised training in the print media, broadcasting, or public relations, students are challenged to explore critical questions, engage in extensive research, and examine areas of planning and media management.


Bachelor of Business Administration


            Combining academic and professional training, this three-year programme challenges students to examine the responsibility of accountants and other business professionals in contemporary society to meet the need for significant research in their areas of expertise.  The course seeks to integrate accountancy, marketing and management skills in broad areas of business decisions and planning for organisations and government.  Students specialise in accountancy and finance, or marketing management, or human or material resources management.


 Advanced Diploma in Journalism


            This three-year course is designed to produce media personnel of high professional competence who may be employed as news reporters and editors, press officers, broadcast personnel, public relations officers, social communication coordinators, or specialists in related fields.


Advanced Diploma in Accountancy


            This three-year course provides high-level education in professional Accountancy.  Upon successful completion, graduates will be able to sit for the NBAA's Professional Level III examinations.


Advanced Diploma in Materials Management


            A three-year course that offers high-level education in the field of Materials Management.  Upon successful completion, graduates will be eligible to sit for the NBMM's Professional Stage III examinations.


Certificate Course in Journalism and Media Studies


            This course is a comprehensive introduction to the field of journalism and media studies.  It consists of four separate quarters, three of which must be taken for a full Certificate.  The four parts are: I. News Writing, Production and Computers; II. Radio Broadcasting and Media Use for Education; III. The Media in Society; and IV. The Media in Developing Countries.


Certificate Course in Accountancy


            A one-year course to train students in basic accounting techniques.


Certificate Course in Health Administration


            A one-year course in Health Administration intended to provide trainees with sufficient knowledge and expertise to administer health centres, as well as small to medium-sized hospitals and other health care programmes.


 Basic Yearly Fees


Tanzanian students

      Bachelorís degree courses        Tuition, room and board        Tshs  1,400,000

                                                      Tuition only                                        720,000

      Advanced Diploma courses      Tuition, room and board                    920,000

                                                      Tuition only                                        540,000

      Certificate courses                    Tuition, room and board                    880,000

                                                      Tuition only                                        520,000

      Certificate in Journalism and Media Studies                              

                                                      Tuition, room and board Ė 1 quarter  275,000


International students                     

      Bachelorís degree courses        Tuition, room and board           US$  6,000

      Advanced Diploma courses      Tuition, room and board                    5,000

      Certificate courses                    Tuition, room and board                    5,000


A limited amount of scholarship assistance is available for needy students.



Officers of the University

Interested students are invited to write to the Admissions Office for further information about any of the above courses.  They will be most welcome if they wish to visit the University and discuss academic programmes with faculty members and students.


Mwanza is easily reached by train, air, ferry and highway.  St. Augustine University, lying 3-4 km off the main Mwanza-Shinyanga road, near the shores of Lake Victoria, is a half-hourís ride from Mwanza by car or bus.  Students who prefer to live off campus can commute from the Mwanza area.