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Why study at St. Augustine University of Tanzania?

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St. Augustine University of Tanzania is an independent higher-learning institution governed by the University Council under the Catholic bishops of Tanzania (Tanzania Episcopal Conference or TEC) and is operated with close attention to the requirements of governmental and relevant professional bodies.

St. Augustine University of Tanzania, centered in Mwanza, is the hub of an educational complex spanning a large area of the country.†† In the heart of Mwanza, the Bugando Medical Centre, established in 1972, will be the site of the Constituent College of Health Sciences, offering degree courses in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.The Constituent College of Education, located in Mwenge outside Moshi, will begin the training of primary and secondary school teachers by 2003.The Constituent Colleges of Law and Technical Sciences are projected for Songea

The University is meant to be a spawning ground for a ferment of ideas that will help Tanzania and its people achieve their fullest human potential.At the same time, it will prepare talented graduates in fields where it is most capable of meeting the needs of the country.Thus, the initial Bachelorís programme in Mass Communication (1998) was followed in 1999 by a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, with specialisationsin Accounting and Finance, Marketing Management, Materials Management, and Human Resources Management. A B.A. in English Literature and Writing and a B.S. in Information and Communication Technology are planned. The Masterís degree in Mass Communication is anticipated for 2004, the M.B.A. in 2005, and the Masterís in English in 2006.To meet the urgent needs of the Lake Region for well-trained office staff, a Certificate in Secretarial Sciences will be introduced.Other degree programmes will follow.

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